Les Culbutos

Graphic work about equilibrium and disequilibrium. With their refined shapes and lines, these pieces oscillate, swing and hesitate before finding an anchor point. Through it, the artist Florence Lemiegre explores disequilibrium and equilibrium, instability and stability, fragility and strength.

Her “Culbutos“ are an attempt to graphically represent the concept of resiliency as defined by ethnologist and psychiatrist Boris Cyrulnik. Indeed, a “Culbulto“ is often used as a metaphor for “a person who always picks themselves up after falling“. Their design and name are also a nod to her childhood – its spinning tops, abacuses, and “GömBöcs“, and nostalgic phrases : “À la queue leu leu“, “Echinoidea“…

Excerpt from “Dreaming the earth differently“. Reflections and research of the artist on his work. © 2017 florence lemiegre. All copyright © florence lemiegre and may not be downloaded, copied or used in anyway without prior written consent.