Les Moons

Sprung from the earth or fallen from heaven? Together they form a complex flowerbed that convey force, peace and energy to people who contemplate it, while also reflecting their fragile and ephemeral splendor. When admiring this miniature and blossoming landscape, the wise man shrinks away while taking a walk, just as the amateur in front of a landscape painting. The “Moons“ offer a spiritual journey through this oneiric, and offer the perfect setting to meditate on the beauty of nature. “Spring Moons“, “winter Moons“, “summer Moons“ and “autumn Moons“, they tell us the story of life.

Excerpt from “Dreaming the earth differently”. Reflections and research of the artist on his work. © 2017 florence lemiegre. All copyright © florence lemiegre and may not be downloaded, copied or used in anyway without prior written consent.