Les Noli me tangere

“Don’t touch me“

With this work, Florence Lemiegre explores wounds at the heart of our planet and symbolically denounces the decline of ocean health. When the sea and the clay were found and kept track of trauma and aggression. Through entwined draperies and prisoners, organic and floral forms with corals, interlaced slats, chiselled lace, the sculptor weighs on the material, pushes it into extremes. She imposes on it paths “against nature”.

The sculpture, with the finesse of its earthen leaves, its numerous cavities where the emptiness reigns, its intertwined paths, the piece fails to crack, to break or to suffer too much at each stage of its creation. In this kind of traumatic state, the clay will gradually accept the inevitable changes, whether transitory or not, that it imposes on it. The dynamic process is on the way and the sculpture comes alive. The “Noli me tangere“ seems to have found its own balance and its air.

At this point, the sculpture attempts to show cracks and imperceptible and impalpable wounds. It often results in a mysterious unspeakable beauty, fragile and violent at the same time.

And more literally, the interpretation “do not touch me” is perfect for those who would be tempted to go look, see touch a little too closely. Another way to say “fragile attention” in every sense of the word.

Excerpt from “Dreaming the earth differently”. Reflections and research of the artist on his work. © 2017 florence lemiegre. All copyright © florence lemiegre and may not be downloaded, copied or used in anyway without prior written consent.