Les Pavés

“La Forêt imaginaire et enchantée“ – “The imaginary and enchanted Forest“

For ten years, through her series “Les Pavés“, Florence Lemiegre has been undertaking the creation of an “Enchanted and Imaginary Forest‘ (La Forêt Imaginaire et Enchantée) with new species of trees. From the rootlets tothe canopy, her sculptures both in earthenware and contemporary raku are telling us the story of a forest where, just as in novels, paintings, myths and fairytales, anything becomes possible: enchantment as well as distress.

Through this work, the artist explores our relationship with the world, and speaks about each and everyone of us, together, and of our universal human culture. In a both poetic and oneiric way she reflects on Man’s bound to the forest, inspired by our collective cultural memory to question our relationship to nature. Though winds, freedom, dreams, beauty and vital energy, this forest denounces atrocities, horrors and massacres.

Each of “the Imaginary and Enchanted Forest’s trees“ are a sacred symbol of life and eternity. The four elements are intrinsically linked together : water to sap, earth to roots, air to leaves, when the fire springs from raku firing.

She uses the microcosmos to explore the macrocosmos, environmental sustainability, biodiversity, but also sensorial perceptions, feelings, humanity. Under her imaginary and

already centennial, sacred, remarkable, venerable yet vulnerable, royal but fragile trees it feels good to take a breath, stop a moment to laugh or cry, talk, scream, love.

Just as a botanist or an eminent dendrologist, the artist catalogues each and everyone of the trees of “the Imaginary and Enchanted Forest“ in a fictional lexicon, along with its height, its type of ground, its leaves, its origin, its species, its story, etc. Each tree is unique and triggers very precise sensations, emotions, secret aspirations and hidden anxieties.

This fantastic and oneiric lexicon is an integral part of “the Imaginary and Enchanted Forest“ work. It represents its genesis and source of inspiration.

Each time, Florence tells a new story: Mother Earth looks carefully around her… When she feels like the place is right, she chooses to settle comfortably to narrate her tales. She starts : “Once upon a time… a forest that had lost all of its trees… with no exception… it was time to create new tree essences to reinvent itself, joyful or terrifying trees, colorful with strong roots anchored to the earth to resist extreme weather conditions, storms but also men“.

Excerpt from “Dreaming the earth differently”. Reflections and research of the artist on his work. © 2017 florence lemiegre. All copyright © florence lemiegre and may not be downloaded, copied or used in anyway without prior written consent.