10e BIENNALE DE SARRIA - Espagne - Sculptures céramique de Florence Lemiegre

July 20th to August 18th 2019

Culbutos“ are shown in Spain for the third time, in the context of the biennale of Sarria.

Words from the 2019 Biennale President:

“This new Biennial will be for all the opportunity to remember an important historical date: the 10th anniversary of the 2009 exhibits, which marked the beginning of the event in its annual form, as well as the last of its founder, the galician sculptor Jose Diaz Fuentes.

Indeed, after a 2010 eclipse, sad year of his death, the event was brought back to life in 2011, along with more audience and fame.

It is thus in this renewed but yet faithful context that we invite you to take part in this important international meeting in 2019, so that this amazing human and artistic adventure can go on“. 

Florence Normier, sculpor and President of the Biennial of Sarria:

“The philosophy of this fair is about meeting, in an artistic world where artists tend to be reduced to production units, where globalisation removes us from what is essential and human – it is therefore crucial to come back to what’s fundamental. What is at the very base of our work, what makes our humanity so precious: knowledge and sharing. Confronting our histories of art, our traditions, showing our evolution at this very moment“.

Curator at the exhibits of the Biennale of Sarria: Anne-Michelle Vrillet (Mina), visual artist – AAC president.

Under the sponsoring of the UNESCO, the main partners welcoming the exhibits are the Sarria City, the Magdalena de Sarria church, as well as the San Xulio de Samos Monastery.

Three extraordinary places of exhibitions: http://www.sia-sarria.eu/