My Venitian Gold - Spazio Thetis - Arsenal de Venise - Italie - Sculptures Céramique de Florence Lemiegre

From February 23rd to March 27th

Opening on Thursday 23rd of February 2017 at noon.

An installation of Florence Lemiegre’s “Culbutos“ at the Thetis space in Venice.

On Thursday 23rd starting at noon, the Spazio THÉTIS, located in the Arsenal neighborhood of Venice, has the pleasure to welcome you to a unique contemporary exhibition sponsored by Gianni Fasulo Dalla Venezia, an exceptional Venitian. 

Gianni Fasulo Dalla Venezia is a man that devoted his life to art. It is first throughout the familial glassware located on the prestigious Island of Murano that he encounters artists of international renown, eager to confront their art to a new material: glass. Animated by these artistic challenges, he discovers his passion for contemporary art and decides to collaborate with these artists on ambitious and innovative projects.

It is from this relationship of both work and friendship that was born the exhibit: “My Venitian Gold“, offering his personal vision of contemporary art. There can be found pieces from his collection, those of other collectors and artists themselves.

At 12pm, this Thursday 23rd of February – conveniently happening during the carnaval- will be inaugurated at Spazio THÉTIS an exhibit that beyond the excellency of its artists, is the illustration of the amazing personality of Gianni Fasulo Dalla  Venezia, an eclectic man, always enthusiast, young and curious of the work of famous artists but also “small“ ones – a curiosity for “these artists that have something to say and that inspire me…“.

Gianni Fasulo Dalla Venezia asked help from his friend and curator Laura le Corre – Arkaval, President of the Association of the Professionals of Art Paris for the selection of French artists as well as for the setting up of “MY VENETIAN GOLD“.

“MY VENETIAN GOLD“ is the result of consistent choices that translate his experiences and passion, and where each work is a part of Gianni’s inner life: a story to tell, an emotion, friendship, memory of a diner, a savor, a perfume…

This is why we’re pleased that Spazio THÉTIS is hosting the “MY VENETIAN GOLD“ exhibit of Gianni Fasulo Dalla Venezia. Not only have we been inspired by his passion and tireless curiosity, but we are also convinced that it is also essential to promote and support young artists to draw attention of great names of contemporary art.

On the occasion of “MY VENETIAN GOLD“, with joy, passion, curiosity and great energy, these wonderful artists throughout their last creations have the power to enlighten our lives! 

The artists: Luca Alinari , Hermann Amann, Mark Aspinall, César Baldaccini, Muriel Balensi, Luca Bujar, Claudia Buttignol, Luciano Chinese , Ma Desheng, Adrienne  Jalbert, Rossella Gilli, Salvi Guidi De Richemont, Florence Lemiegre, Paoloa Madormo, Katia Margolis, Shuck One ,  Eliza Oynus, Novella Papafava dei Carraresi, Patricia Pittet, François Pohu Lefevre, Martina Reinhart, Michele Tombolini, Elisabetta Zanutto , Yu Zhao.

Antonietta Grandesso, cultural supervisor of the space.

“MY VENETIAN GOLD – MON OR VENITIEN“ My vision of contemporary art.

Conceptualized by Gianni Fasulo Della Venizia.

With curator Laura Le Corre – Arkaval.

Spazio THÉTIS 

Arsenal Novissimo

Atelier Lamierini