St Petersbourg - Russie - Sculptures Céramique de Florence Lemiegre

From June 4th to June 14th 2015 

Opening on June 7th 2015, in the presence of the artist.

Three sculptures of the “Culbutos“ universe were selected to be part for the exhibition of the International Salon d’Automne International France-Russia at Saint-Petersburg from June 4th to June 14th within the Konstantinovsky Palace, castle of the tsars, in the occasion of the incredible “white nights“.

“… The International Salon d’Automne finds its way to Russia to deploy itself within the sumptuous Konstantin Palace, near to downtown and with a direct access to the Finland gulf.

Coming from France and from all over the world, plasticiens from all fields that are part of the international fair will once again celebrate the Fraternity between Artists for ten unforgettable days… A top-level meeting with Russian artists to exchange, talk, confront diversity of contemporary esthetics and celebrate art in all its forms. A Fraternity that has not aged and that will certainly be remembered with emotions: “Saint-Petersburg, June 2015? We were part of it!“.

Noël Coret

Art writer 

President of the International Salon d’Automne 2015 – SAI

Konstantinovsky Palace – Константиновский дворец

Berozovaya Alleya, 3, Strelna

Saint Petersburg

Russia 198515