Galerie de la Fondation Taylor - Lauréate sculpture de la commission des expositions de la Fondation Taylor - Sculptures céramique de Florence Lemiegre

From November 29th to December 22nd 2018 

Florence Lemiegre is awarded THE SCULPTURE PRIZE of the Taylor Foundation commission.

Thirty ceramic sculptures of tree essences of the “Enchanted and imaginary Forest“ – (“La Forêt imaginaire et enchantée“) are shown for the very first time at the gallery of the Taylor Foundation. A dreamlike  and poetic journey just like in fairy tales, also advocating for the environment.

Nature, a common source of inspiration for the three laureates of the contest, is expressed through their work, each characterized by very specific and personal  artistic touches. Lee Hyun Joung is the painting laureate and Nicole Guézou  the laureate of engraving.

Some history: 

Since 1844 the Taylor Foundation is one of the most important institutions working for the defense of artists. Its commitment to support artistic creation and the growth of art knowledge is expressed through its many exhibitions, as well as grants and prizes that it is regularly awarding to artists. Funded on the principle of solidarity, its independence and longevity confirm its vital necessity. An artists association very unique in Europe.

The Taylor Foundation  is administered by a Comity composed of artists members and art amateurs, as well as volunteers. It is organized in several work commissions. The comity reunites at the end of every month. Jean-François Larrieu, painter, is the current President of the Taylor Foundation.

Fondation Taylor
Association des Artistes – 1 rue La Bruyère – 75009 paris

Tuesday to Saturday from 1pm to 7pm.