5e Salon de Outono da América Latina – Sao polo - Brésil - Sculptures Céramique de Florence Lemiegre

From May 4th to June 4th 2017

Opening on May 4th.

Florence Lemiegre, french artist, is selected by the international jury members  for the 5th edition of the Latin American Salon d’Automne, the « No boundary » Art Fair.

During one month, Brazilians will be able to discover the diptych of the artist, named “Culbuto amarelo luminoso“ and “Culbuto infinitos tons de cinza“. Two ceramic sculptures created specially for this event.

After the success of the 4th SOAL – Latin American Salon d’Automne, that has received an impressive number of guests -11,500-, the Brazilian Cultural Association presents its 5th edition, the SOAL 2017, with its usual sponsor the Memorial Foundation of Latin America at São Paulo, which with two billions visitors has become one of the most visited cultural site of Latin America.

Similarly to the three previous years, the SOAL will be held at the Galeria Martha Traba, from May 4th to June 4th 2017. The gallery is part of cultural complex of the Memoral da America Latina, conceptualized by Oscar Niemeyer, architect of Brasilia.

The guest artist is the sculptor Christian Soucaret, that was the assistant of Alexander Calder. During that exhibition, he will built a monumental mobile, the “In-Between“, from a sick tree of the Brazilian forest.

The following fields will be represented: painting, sculpture, photography, graphic arts, artistic books, videos, street art, performing art.

Curator: Mr Claude Martin Vaskou.


1:02 – The Culbutos


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Galeria Martha Traba

Memorial de America Latina 

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