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LE SALON COMPARAISONS – ART CAPITAL 2024 – Grand Palais Éphémère – Champs de Mars, Eiffel Tower – France

• February 14 to 18, 2024

• Opening on Tuesday February 13, 2024 from 3pm, by invitation only

From February 14 to 18, 2024, ART CAPITAL presents 2,000 artists of all disciplines from all over the world, and attracts 40,000 visitors to show their commitment to direct art outside the commercial circuit. Once again this year and until the end of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the show welcomes you to the Grand Palais Éphémère set up on the prestigious site of the Champ-de-Mars in Paris.

Grand Palais éphémère - champs de Mars, paris - Salon Comparaisons 2024 - ART CAPITAL 2024 - Florence Lemiegre sculptrice céramiste - Groupe sculpture plurielle - Noli me tangere Pistils big mama deep blues, création de Florence Lemiegre
Grand Palais éphémère – Champs de Mars – Paris
Salon Comparaisons 2024 – ART CAPITAL 2024 – Plural sculpture group

For the 6th year running, Florence Lemiegre is one of the artists invited by sculptor William Noblet, head of the “sculpture plurielle” group at the salon Comparaisons 2024 during ART CAPITAL 2024 in Paris. The artist will be presenting “Noli me tangere Pistils Big mama deep blues”, a Normandy red earthenware sculpture glazed in a luminous opaque white. This work was specially created in his Jules Verne studio for this artistic event.

Noli me tangere Pistils « Big mama deep blues » - Faïence – Terre rouge Normande - 2023-Sculpture céramique contemporaine de Florence Lemiegre – Comparaisons 2024 – Salon Comparaisons 2024 – ART CAPITAL 2024 – Groupe sculpture plurielle - Création de la sculptrice céramiste Florence Lemiegre - Faïence - Protégeons la nature - Artiste femme, Artiste engagée - Protection des océans – Biodiversité - océans, Florentine - couleurs et flamboyance - équilibre – déséquilibre - dialogue – biodiversité - prise conscience - fragilité - épéhémère - vibrations des mers, langage des pipelettes de fonds marins – Ne me touche pas – Noli me tangere – Fonds marins – Coraux - Protégeons les océans – Protégeons la planète
Noli me tangere Pistils ” Big mama deep blues ” – Earthenware – Terre rouge Normande – 2023
W : 56.5 cm – D : 52 cm – H : 59 cm – Weight : 23 Kg 9
Contemporary ceramic sculpture by Florence Lemiegre

“Sculpture plurielle” group:

“True creation is free of dogma and necessarily multiple. It is worthy of interest when it is demanding, free and singular. Beyond originality, the strength of a work lies in its uniqueness. In this way, Sculpture Plurielle brings together expressions that share demanding research, plastic qualities, originality and independence. If abstraction is dominant, it is not erected as an absolute dogma”. William NOBLET, sculptor and leader of the “Sculpture plurielle” group.

A little history:

ART CAPITAL was born in 2006 from the desire of the so-called “Historical Salons of the Grand Palais” and artists from diverse backgrounds to play off their differences and join forces to create a new, unifying event. Today, Art Capital is one of the biggest art fairs in Europe, created by Artists for Artists, bringing together 4 historic fairs under the same banner: the Salon des artistes français (created in 1880), the Salon des indépendants (1884), the Salon Comparaisons (1954) and the Drawing and Painting Salon (1949 for drawing, with watercolor added in 1954). – For the past 15 years, ART CAPITAL has been bringing together emerging and established artists.

Artists’ salons make the history of art and Paris: Four entities with different histories, but all based on the same principle: artists’ associations organize annual exhibitions for their members. This major artistic event is an integral part of France’s intangible heritage, and its DNA is none other than creation, which brings together over 2,000 international artists every year. The event is eagerly awaited by artists, enabling them to maintain a direct link with their public in an iconic, majestic monument dedicated to the glory of Art.

The COMPARAISONS show is dedicated to presenting an original panorama of contemporary art, as complete as humanly possible, organized by group and managed by a group leader. The artists, selected and invited by the group leader, come mainly from France, but also from other countries. Open to the international scene, the show also welcomes a number of foreign delegations, obviously in groups representing the state of creation in their countries.

The Comparaisons show features 31 groups, corresponding to as many sensibilities and trends in contemporary art.

President of Comparaisons 2024: painter Yvon Neuville

Salon Comparaisons 2024 – ART CAPITAL 2024

Exhibition open to the public from Wednesday February 14 to Sunday February 18, 2024
Opening hours: Wednesday 14, Thursday 16, Saturday 18, 11am to 8pm – Friday 16 from 11am to 10pm, Sunday 18 from 11am to 6pm.
2, place Joffre – 75007 Paris

Metro: École Militaire – la Motte Piquet Grenelle

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