Galerie Médiart - Paris - Sculptures Céramique de Florence Lemiegre

From May 27th to June 19th 2010. 

Opening on Thursday May 27th from 6 to 9:30pm.

Participation at the event “Nomades“ in the 3rd district on May 28th and 29th.

The Médiart gallery presents for the very first time the ceramic sculptures of Florence Lemiegre along with Marie-Laure Levitan’s work.

Both ceramists use the same Raku firing technic, but have two very different universes. Florence Lemiegre moves us with the strong expressivity of her “Têtes de la décennie des O“ – (Heads of the O’decade) and Marie-Laure Levitan restore the mineral world experienced in Greece.

“Despite their small size -some of them are less than 10 centimers- the heads are a particularly intense work. They all have a name that finishes in “O“, Mateo, Olivio, Paolo… This choice might be linked to the shape of the mouth when screaming of fear, as expressed in Munch’s famous painting, “The Scream“. 

The color palette of the enamel revealed by this firing technic gives a dimension to time. These “Têtes de la décennie des O“ surprise us, questions us. They seem to be findings from an archeological excavation, and some, with their unique faces, hooked noses and strong cheekbones, could be inspired by Mesoamericans (Inca, Aztec)“.

Médiart Gallery owner: Odile Van Bay.

Galerie Médiart

L’art du Vivant

109, rue Quincampoix

75003 Paris