Exposition "Autre Noir & Couleurs sculptées" - LE Comœdia - 13 avril au 22 juillet 2023 - Sculptures céramique de Florence Lemiegre, sculptrice céramiste , Noli me tangere , Culbutos, créations de Florence Lemiegre, artiste


• April 13 to July 22, 2023

• Opening on April 12th at 6pm – By invitation only

Other Black & Sculpted Colors” continues and deepens the exhibition “Black is a Color and Sculpted Colors” of 2019.

This ever-rich theme never ceases to inspire artists. On this occasion, the contemporary art gallery Le Comœdia continues its exploration of color by bringing together 13 artists for its new exhibition around 187 proposed works.

Black fascinates and obsesses artists by its complexity, depth and multiplicity. Even if the ultra-black color practically exists with Musu Black and Vantablack which absorb more than 99.9% of the light, artists are much more interested in the plurality and the infinite exploitation of the nuances of this color.

This second edition highlights the contrast of the sculpted works of 4 artists who have as a common source of inspiration, nature and the environment.

Florence LEMIEGRE returns to the Comœdia with a superb selection of fifteen of her “Noli me tangere” and “Culbutos” in bright and multicolored colors.

Once again, we find all the energy and the poetic force of his creations punctuated by the profusion of jovial and dynamic colors, opposing smoky blacks to shimmering and vibrant glazes. 

Sculpture céramique NOLI ME TANGERE PISTILS-MILIA ET PUNCTA - Créations de Florence Lemiegre sculptrice céramiste - Faïence - Protection des océans, biodiversité, protégeons la nature
Noli me tangere Pistils “Milia et puncta” – 2022
Contemporary ceramic sculpture by Florence Lemiegre
Noli me tangere Pistils ”Milia et puncta“ - 2022 Sculpture céramique contemporaine de Florence Lemiegre Création sculpture de Florence Lemiegre - Exposition « Autre Noir & Couleurs sculptées » à l'espace d'art le Comœdia de Brest, Bretagne
Details – Noli me tangere Pistils “Milia et puncta” – 2022
Contemporary ceramic sculpture by Florence Lemiegre
Culbuto Chamarré “EUPHORIE“ - 2021- Sculpture céramique contemporaine de Florence Lemiegre , création de Florence Lemiegre sculptrice céramiste, grès , cuisson raku, pièce unique, art, équilibre et déséquilibre, couleurs
Culbuto Chamarré “Euphoria” – 2021 – Raku
Contemporary ceramic sculpture by Florence Lemiegre


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